Menhood™ Man-Cure Kit (16 Pieces)

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✔ A High-Quality Manicure Pedicure Kit for Men

✔ This manicure and pedicure set has everything you need

✔ It can be the best gift for your family members, friends, or colleagues

✔ PU leather texture cover, comfortable, fashionable, & practical feeling

✔ You will receive a heavy-duty stainless steel 16 pcs Manicure Pedicure Set

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16 Pieces Grooming Kit

Contains 16 pieces nail and toenail tools for hands,foot and face care. 

This Manicure Pedicure set has every thing you need.

Face Care Tools

Pimple Needle

Apply for removing acne, blackhead, pimple, blackheads, whiteheads, comedones and various blemishes. Keep your face clean and don’t need waste money in beauty salon.

Eyebrow Tweezers

Designed to remove ingrown hairs and splinters with ease.This material is widely used for surgical tools to assure of chemical free and no allergy. 

Eyebrow Scissor

The shape of your eyebrows can flatter your face and give you a neat and groomed appearance. Their sharp blades and refined edges help trim your browline right from the comfort of your home. The best eyebrow trimming scissors that help shape your brows and refine your entire look.

Ear Pick

This pedicure tool helps you to remove all the dirt and hairs from your ear. It is used clean canal or ear wax.

Menhood™ Man's Grooming Kit

Hand Care Tools

Finger Nail Clipper

Manicure is never a problem with our ergonomically designed nail clippers. The handles are designed slightly longer to provide the comfort while clipping the nails.

Nail Side Clipper

The clippers will make your nails perfectly cut and well groomed, with the sharp and precise blade, the cutting edge will not tear or split nails

Nail File

They are designed for perfect filing of your nails, even out rough edges and clean under nails anytime, anywhere our range includes metallic, soft and glass nail files.

Dead Skin Fork

Easily remove the cuticle and dead skin around the nail Smooth and burr-free handle with a groove, comfortable to hold while use Suitable for professional salon use or home use.

Cuticle Pusher

 Cuticle remover tools-cuticle pusher are easy to hold and use,which will give you a brand-new comfortable hand feeling and help you remover the cuticles more effectively.

Nail Cleaner

Useful tool set to push up cuticle around nails and residual nail polish, clean up dirt in nail crevices, remove nail polish and crystal patch, clean up cuticle, polish nails etc.

Foot Care Tools

Fat Pedicure Knife

Optimal stainless steel provides tough hardness for unbreakable durability, while blades are nicely sharp, ensuring quick trimming, cutting and clipping.

Oblique Pedicure Knife

Ideal in nursing ingrown nails, paronychia, picking corns, removing cocoons, callus and cuticle.

Toe Nail Nipper

New sharp curved blade specially designs for ingrown & thick nails to make it easy to cut.  toenail clippers are made of high quality surgical grade stainless steel for rust and durability.

Toenail Clipper

Stainless steel provides tough hardness for unbreakable durability, while blades are nicely sharp, ensuring quick trimming, cutting.

Pedicure Knife(Falcate Head)

Clean all the dead skin from the foot and provides your feet more visible infront of anyone.

Cleaning Tool

Cleaning Brush

All the tools are doing their work and at the end to maintain the hygiene and remove all the mess and dirt of the all tools menhood™ providing cleaning brush in the kit.

Very convenient for you to take anywhere for a professional manicure or pedicure