12 Steps to Clean and Maintain Grooming Trimmers

Keeping your grooming trimmers clean is an important part of keeping them working properly. If you don’t, the blades will not cut as well and could even become dull, which increases your chances of nicking or cutting yourself. This post discusses 12 simple steps to follow that will help you keep your all-in-one body groomer in top condition and make sure they last a long time!


1) Remove loose hair from blades before washing the rest of the groomer by brushing it with a soft brush or your fingers. You don’t want any stray hairs wrapped around the blade when you are cutting yourself, which can happen if you try to wash the groomer with the blades still attached.


2) Apply a small amount of dish soap to a cloth or sponge and brush over the entire surface, paying close attention to any nooks and crannies in crevices where hair can collect. Rinse well under warm water, then wipe dry with another clean towel if desired.


3) Apply a few drops of oil to the blades, and then use a cloth or your fingers to rub it around. Oil helps prevent rust from forming on metal parts that may not be waterproof, like screws.


4) Let hair dry before storing it in its original packaging, so any dust doesn’t get trapped inside when you put the groomer away.


5) Clean blades before using them so they are clean when you go to use them again.


6) Keep your trimmers in a safe place, like inside a grooming case or cabinet that is closed and out of reach from children. This will keep the groomer free from dust and dirt that could get caught between moving parts during storage and make cutting difficult.


7) Consider investing in a grooming kit you can take with you when traveling, packing small and light so that it is easy to bring along wherever life takes you. It will be great for both your pet’s needs as well as yours!


8) If the groomer has been dropped on hard surfaces or exposed to water, call customer service to replace it.


9) Keep your blades sharp and clean to maintain a smooth cut.


10) Store grooming trimmers in an area that is out of reach from children without any other objects nearby, like toys, so little fingers don’t get caught between moving parts during storage and make cutting difficult.


11) Store grooming trimmers in a kit that can be taken along to wherever life takes you, with everything needed right there. Clippers, combs, blades, oil, and cleaning brushes are all easily found inside one convenient pack!


12) Remember to replace your groomer if it has been dropped on hard surfaces or exposed to water.



Now that you know how to clean your grooming trimmer, it’s time to put this knowledge into action. Start by cleaning the blades and other parts of the body with a mixture of water and soap or an approved cleaner. Let them dry before storing so they can be stored in their original condition. Never store damp items as mold and fungus can grow on them.



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