How to Shave Balls? Methods, Tools, History

So, here’s a post for all the dapper men out there! 

How are you doing? We hope you are doing great! 

Well, today there’s something interesting to discuss with you. Let me start with a question, what’s your take on men’s personal hygiene, and taking care of your jewels?

Considering the modern times, shaving the balls and the pubes are necessities that men always look forward to. However, there’s a problem as the skin down there is pretty sensitive and super-thin, and the coarse strands are prone to ingrown hair. 

Here’s where you need a solution that’s specially crafted for men and not just a run-of-the-mill remedy. 

Shaving the balls with a good ball trimmer is pretty simple and easy, and when it is about shaving balls with ball trimmer, no product can beat Menhood. 

Menhood is a premier brand and they provide the trimmer for men’s private parts that will not cause any skin irritation or injury. The ball trimmer from this company is a top-grade product for your most prized possessions.

Now, let’s get more information about this trimmer for men’s private parts in detail.

Type Of Tool Needed For Shaving The Balls

Firstly, you cannot use just any trimmer for your ball sack. That area is sensitive and can cause some unwanted issues to occur. That’s why you need a high-quality trimmer for men’s private parts, which is designed especially for that area. The ball trimmer will not harm your private area and as the razor technology has improved a lot, pulls and cuts have become a thing of the past. 

So, you may ask, ‘what’s there in store for me’, and we would say, ‘there’s a lot’! 

  • This ball hair trimmer carries a sensitive shaver technology, and you don’t have to worry about getting injured or starting bleeding when using the ball trimmer
  • This ball hair trimmer from Menhood is completely waterproof, and what’s more? It can conduct 6000 strokes every minute to maintain the private parts. 

Shaving The Balls: Small Background Info

Are you skeptical about using a device like this? Now, let’s look for some stats! According to a study, about 50% of men have claimed to use a ball trimmer for manscaping. Among all the men who groom themselves, 90% of them use a ball trimmer to remove hair from the centre, front, scrotum and shaft.  

Men who have used the ball trimmer to shave off their pubic hair have reported feeling relieved from all the redness and skin irritation. On the other hand, using the men’s private part hair trimmer has let the men maintain optimum hygiene.

Steps To Shave The Balls

There is nothing to panic about, as the steps to shave your private area are completely simple. Using the men’s private part hair trimmer from Menhood to get started is one of the best ways. Here are the steps which you need to follow.

Step 1: Trim Up The Hair 

Even though you will shave that particular area, trimming the hair around your balls is important. To get it done, take the men’s private part hair trimmer and stand with one leg up on a sturdy surface. You have to use one hand to gently pull the skin taut and use the other hand to carefully trim off the hair using the ball trimmer

Step 2:  Use Warm Water To Soak Your Balls 

Taking a warm shower or bath will surely open up your pores, and it would be easier for you to shave your balls. It will also allow your balls to hang loose and relax, and it will become easier to move them around when you shave that place. Make sure the water you use is warm, not extremely hot, otherwise it might irritate the skin.

Step 3: Apply A Skin-Friendly Shave Cream 

Once you are all done using the trimmer, you can now apply a shaving cream or any other product to that particular area. You must opt for products that contain naturally-soothing ingredients like aloe vera, and you can also go for products that come with cooling ingredients like eucalyptus or menthol. 

Step 4: The Aftercare

You might have certainly come out from the other side without a gash or a nick. The next thing you must do is a bit of aftercare that saves you from any bumps or irritation.

Check this out: A balanced spray specially formulated to neutralize odour and skin irritation for your private parts.

If it was your face, you would apply some aftershave and then call it a day. But that’s not the deal here. Your balls need a bit of extra coddling. Once you are done with the shaving work, just use a bit of oil or gentle balm, but try to stay away from products that contain alcohol.

Ending Note

It’s a great thing to shave your balls. Rather, I would say, it’s a fundamental step towards embracing hygiene. You can keep that area clean and away from irritation and redness. 

Using a high-quality and world-class ball trimmer from Menhood will provide you with smooth and clean shaved balls. You will not experience any problems while shaving, and there is no chance of an injury while using the trimmer. Remember one thing, trimming up the edges will surely make the tree look bigger. Hope, you got the point!


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