How To Wash Your Circumcised Intimate Area Right?

Genital hygiene is a topic that is usually not discussed but demands a lot of attention. Taking care of our nether regions by adequately cleaning them will save us from many problems like bad odour, pimples, infections and much more that won’t be as easy to deal with as cleaning ourselves. Even though many people understand the importance of maintaining proper hygiene down there, most do not know how to do that.

So, we’re here to guide you through cleaning your circumcised intimate area once and for all, avoiding a lot of problems for you. A Menhood trimmer can go a long way for this. Circumcision is a medical process in which the foreskin of the penis is surgically removed either as a religious custom or for its potential health benefits. 

You should clean your penis with water and a little soap that is herbal and acid-free, if absolutely necessary. After cleaning, you need to pat yourself dry as moisture in your penile area is risky for several reasons ranging from bad odour to infections. Here are a few things you need to remember when cleaning your sensitive penile area.

Wash Regularly With Warm Water

Gently wash your circumcised intimate with lukewarm water is more than enough. You have to be extremely gentle and thorough with your circumcised sensitive skin. Also, you should avoid any perfumed soaps since they usually irritate your skin. Using a bar of soap to clean your penile area is unnecessary. However, if you still want to, you can use a herbal, natural soap with very few chemicals.

Thus, it will not cause skin irritation after using a ball hair trimmer. You have to also remember and not be too rigorous or too often in your cleaning since cleaning too much or too hard can make your penis sore. Anything other than water and herbal soap should be avoided on your sensitive penile skin since it can irritate.

Trim Your Pubic HairMenhood-trimmer

Another very important step in cleaning your circumcised penile area is using a Menhood Trimmer to trim your ball hair. If allowed to grow too long, ball hair can retain moisture sweat and result in bad odor, pimples, or infection. You should specifically use this trimmer for men private parts since it is designed keeping the latest design, technology and power in mind.

It offers a 100% cut or nicks-free experience since it is designed to be the most sensitive area. It can also work in a wet or dry environment without making almost any sound. These features make the Menhood Trimmer the perfect choice as a private part hair trimmer.

Don’t Forget Your Testicles And Your Pubic Area

While cleaning your penis, do not skip your testicles and your pubic area. Sweat and hair in these regions can cause bad odour as well. These areas also need frequent wash your circumcised intimate with warm water and soap. You can also use a Menhood Trimmer to trim the hair in these regions to help combat the bad odour. 

Throughout the day, you end up collecting some amount of sweat, oil, and skin, among other things, so you must give those areas equal importance and clean them up with warm water as well. You should ensure that the area between your anus and your testicles is clean and odourless.

Personal genital Hygiene is of extreme importance, so you should keep all of these things in mind when you wash, dry, or shave down there. Your skin in your penile area is extremely sensitive, and it can never hurt you if you’re a little extra careful.


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