Menhood™ Maintenance Package

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Ready to take your grooming routine with you everywhere? Now you can, with the Bundle Package. Featuring all of your trimming essentials for months to come, you’ll be able to “refresh” from anywhere. Want to keep those cuticles clean too? No sweat, upgrade to the Menhood Bundle and you’ll be trimmed from your digits to “down-there.”

Menhood Grooming Trimmer ( BLACK )

  • WaterProof Trimmer
  • Rust-Resistant & Hygenic
  • Sensitive Technology Prevents Nick & Snags
  • Menhood’s Trimmer is Easy to use & Effective
  • Ceramic Blades that reduce & resist Scratching
  • Handle Coarse & Curly Hair without tugs & pulls
  • Guide combs that let you trim to your perfect length

Replacement Blade

Sharp edges matter just as much as hair length. Keep your nuts well-groomed year-round by properly refreshing your blades regularly.
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Menhood Maintenance Package

Menhood Grooming Trimmer

Easily connect the two parts of the Trimmer with the blade- side facing up, and press the cutters back until it clicks. The Trimmer comes with two adjustable guide combs built to trim to your preferred length. We recommend replacing your Trimmer blade every 3-4 months, depending on usage.

Replacement Blade

We suggest you to change your blade in every three months.