Menhood™ The Nosar

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We Redesigned the nose hair trimmer by focusing on maximum and comfort.

  • Skin Protection Technology.
  • 9000 RPM Motor.
  • Replaceable Trimming Head.
  • Waterproof Trimming Head.
  • QuiteRun Technology.
  • 360° Rotary Dual-Blade System.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Trim your nose and ear hairs easily with Menhood’s Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

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For Your Ear & Nose

Menhood The Nosar

Super-Intelligent Design

Nose and ear trimmer understand your nose anatomy. And that’s why it comes with an impeccable 23° angle to match the contours of the nose & ear for precise hair trimming.

Skin Protection Technology

This innovative Nose and Ear Trimmer is powered with stereoscopic arched tool that never hurts the nasal cavity and gives you super comfortable trims.

Waterproof Blade

Now you can get your nose trimmed in the shower with the unmatched waterproof feature that lets you operate it in both wet and dry conditions.

Long-Lasting Battery

Say hello to the 500mAH li-ion battery that gives you up to 300 minutes of uninterrupted use. The longevity and rechargeable feature of the best nose hair trimmer makes trimming your hair a breeze!

Powerful Motor Mechanism

The Menhood™ nose hair trimmer has 9000 RPM. The motor of the trimmer is powerful and will not lose its speed if you apply pressure when trimming your nose hair.

Open-Type Slit

Looking for an aesthetically pleasing way of clipping those pesky hairs? Open-type slits allow operators to cut hair at different angles and lengths with ease which means there’s no need to worry about whether or not they’ll get it right first time.

With Skin Protection Technology

Dual-Edge Blade

Maneuver the hypoallergenic stainless steel
cone tip with confidence against pulls,
nicks or cuts.


360° Degrees to Catch

Intelligent design of Menhood™ nosar features a 23° angle to match the contours of the nose & ear for precise hair trimming.

Lithium-Iron-Phpsphate Battery

Long Battery Life

The powerful 500mAh li-ion battery holds charge for up to 90 minutes of use & is easily charged with a convenient USB cable & AC Adapter.

With Washable Head Feature

Replacement Blade

Our replacement blade in nose hair trimmer is engineered to safety and easily trim hair while promoting optimal hygiene.

with Ultra-silent feature

low vibration motor

Based on New technology of rotary dual-blade system, that provide very low noise. Noise should be kept to around 50 decibels

With Ultra Silent Feature

Power-Packed Motor

Get your trimming session done in a jiffy with the all-new 9000 RPM motor that is powered with 360° rotary dual-blade system.

With Fine Edge Design

Unique & Compact Design

Your nose and ear hair deserves the best care. The Menhood™ nose hair trimmer is all you need to groom your sensitive nasal and ear cavity, to maintain a trimmed and neat style. The engineers at Menhood™ have brought our next-gen trimmer technology into our latest offering: The Nosar

No cuts not hurt


The Nosar allows you to clip ear & nose hairs as short as 1/64th of an inch! So if you have ear & nose hair, don’t worry about it because the Nosar will take care of it for you.


Menhood™ Nosar

Built-in 500mAh li-ion Battery

USB Type-C Cable

Nosar Blade

Cleaning Brush



Fully charge your waterproof nose trimmer before operation. Turn the power button on and slowly insert the comfortable cone tip into your nose or ear. Allow the nosar to trim hair for at least 60 seconds and then clean the device.

Pro Tip

Change shaver head in every three months for Better result.


Most frequent questions and answers

The nosar head is waterproof but not the body.

There is no vibration at all. It is very smooth and can be used inside the nostrils, It is made for that only, Just go for it.

Yes, The Nosar comes with 1 year of warranty.

Hygiene At Peak

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