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Say goodbye to stinky feet with The Walker deodorant spray. This essential hygiene solution features cooling tea tree oil for a pleasant experience on your feet. It reduces odor and bacteria from your feet.

  • Fragrance – Manovo

  • Say goodbye to stinky feet with The Walker deodorant spray

  • It is trusted by professional athletes and is specifically designed for active lifestyles

  • Your feet will thank you for giving them a fur-like experience.



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9 reason Why You Should Start Using Foot Deodorant!

“The Walker” has a unique mix of natural ingredients that keep sock sweat, bacteria, and funky odor in check.

Reason 1

Made from Natural Ingredients



Fragrance that lasts all day



Like built-in AC, peppermint oil includes menthol, which has potent natural cooling characteristics that match well with tea tree oil.

Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf

Bay leaves are high in antioxidants and function as an antiseptic and antibacterial, making them ideal for acne treatment.



When applied to the skin and hair, coconut oil has hydrating effects.



Glycerin is great for the skin because it acts as a humectant, which is a substance that allows the skin to retain moisture.

Tea-Tree Oil

Tea-Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has a natural cooling effect on the skin, which is both refreshing and relaxing for hot, sweating stumps.

Reason 2

Trusted by Several Runners

Professional athletes, joggers, and runners swear by it, and it’s made for active people.

Reason 3

Dry & Stink Free Feet

By the day’s end, your feet are hot, soaked in perspiration, and stanky. One spritz will keep your feet cool, dry, and stank free.

reason 4

Your Feet Therapy

Think about it, you hold your feet captive all day, denying them fresh sweet air, and freedom every time you go for a run, hit the gym, or throw on those dreaded work shoes.

Reason 5

Get Relaxed Your Feet

Get ready to relax your feet and reduce odor also gives you a 24 hrs protection from frowziness.

Reason 6

All Day Long Freshness

The foot is the area most exposed to dirt and bacteria. The foot spray not only refreshes the foot, but also protects it from cracked heels.

Reason 7

Prevents Cracked Heals

A natural formula that is instantly absorbed into the skin, giving it a firmer, smoother texture and protecting the condition. dry, rough, and cracked skin

Reason 8

Improve Health of Feet Skin


Your feet have more nerves than other parts of the body. When you use the rollator, your veins relax automatically and blood circulation improves

Reason 9

Cruelty Free

No animal was harmed during making this ball spray, it is Cruelty-free

Customer Reviews

Hear from our happy customers

I work all day on my feet so they can get very sweaty. Using this everyday day before work really makes a difference on how they smell later and how sweaty they get. I would definitely recommend to anyone with foot odor.
Udaipur, Rajasthan
Love this spray for the whole family. Great for after shower or a quick refresh throughout the day, especially on a hot day! Keeps feet fresh and cool. Will definitely repurchase!
Arjun Singh
New Delhi, Delhi
The best foot deodorant out there. And I've used them all. Smells great and gets the job done. I recommend to all my friends and family
Vikram Das
Chennai, Karnataka

Treat yourself

Bid farewell to stinky foot funk with “The Walker” foot spray. This fundamental cleanliness arrangement highlights cooling tea tree oil for a charming encounter on your feet. Trusted by proficient competitors and explicitly intended for dynamic ways of life. Your feet will be much be obliged!

  • Spray-on odor neutralization
  • Natural ingredients like cooling tea tree oil
  • Aluminum Free, Cruelty Free, Dye Free, Paraben Free, Vegan


The Menhood™ Walker helps you to get rid of the odor and sweaty feet. This can be used after a shower and keeps your feet all day fresh even in your office. All the pure Natural ingredients used in it help you to make your day fresh, and no smell even after long working hours with your socks.

Use it Daily to keep your feet fresh and healthy

How To Use

Towel your feet totally dry after a lengthy shower. Then spray each foot’s top and bottom a couple of times. Allow two minutes for them to air dry before inhaling our gentle, refreshing distinctive smell. As the natural tea oil and peppermint oil extracts cool and revitalise your wiggling bits, you’ll feel a lovely shiver up your spine. Now put your socks on. Or maybe not. It is all up to you.

Pro Tip

Use it Daily to keep your feet fresh and healthy

Companion For Every Day Hustle

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