Menhood Shaving Balls

Shaving Balls: Its Pros and Cons

Shaving Balls: Its Pros and Cons Shaving Balls: Its Pros and Cons You can’t deny the importance of keeping your junk absolutely fresh and neat. By shaving your precious jewels with a ball trimmer by Menhood, you will be able to prevent itching, chafing, and infections. Taking care of these buddies is your core responsibility; […]


Best Spray For Your Balls

Most men take care of their face and hair, and they think their grooming is done. If you are using soap every day in the name of Groin grooming, then you must take an extra step to keep your junk fresh. Most men hesitate to speak about this topic, but it’s straightforward: it’s high time […]


4 Must-Have Skincare Travel Essentials

In terms of caring for the skin when on the road, it’s better not to rely on hotel soap and face wash. We all know, travelling on an Airplane or train comes with many disadvantages, exceptionally long flights that can eventually lead to irritable skin. This is the main reason why grooming is necessary before […]


Here’s How To Use The Menhood Back Shaver

Nowadays, everyone wants to change or enhance their look to attract people. As such, we cannot deny that this lockdown has introduced us to new and exciting grooming products like Menhood Back Shaver. Among men, it is a common myth that grooming for the face is all it takes to ace your appearance. But truth […]


4 Penis Problems: Biggest Red Flags For Your Health

It is not uncommon for men to experience any problems dealing with their penises at least once in their entire lifetime. Though it is pretty natural, immediate treatment is vital to avoid any significant issues in the long run. Some initially minor problems like the itchiness of the penis, discharge from it and several others […]


Men’s Night Time Skin-Care Regime For Dashing Look

The scorching heat of the summer is almost here, and we’re back to wondering what it will do to our skin. Here’s a full-proof nighttime skincare regime to protect your skin from the harsh sun.  Exposure to the sun can cause terrible  and lasting effects on our skin and balls. The constant scratching in the […]


How To Get Rid of Penis Odour During The Summers

The sweaty and spunky odour from anywhere in our body is considered nasty. That is much worse when the source of the odour is the penis. Penis odour during this scorching Summer heat is a problem all of us have had to deal with. But no more since here is the solution to the situation […]


How To Wash Your Circumcised Intimate Area Right?

Genital hygiene is a topic that is usually not discussed but demands a lot of attention. Taking care of our nether regions by adequately cleaning them will save us from many problems like bad odour, pimples, infections and much more that won’t be as easy to deal with as cleaning ourselves. Even though many people […]


How to protect your intimate area from rashes and acne?

Acnes and rashes are very common in your genital areas, but that doesn’t make them less painful and irritating. To understand how to deal with rashes and acne, you need to know what they are and what causes them. Here’s everything you need to know about protect your intimate area from rashes and acne. But […]


9 Testicular Problems That Are Common

Not saying we have worse problems than women, but how hard is it to have a pair of balls is often not thought about. You know what, maybe we are saying it’s worse. We mean, have women ever felt fear as accurate as testicular torsion? Here are 9 testicular problems that prove just how tough […]


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