How to Shave Chest Hair? Methods, Tools, History

In 2017, a survey provided evidence that 34% of men from the age of 18 to 24 have removed all their chest hair completely. Does it sound weird? Well, to some might, but to others, it’s completely normal.

From keeping a healthy weight and to wearing stylish clothes, they aim to keep themselves fit and fashionable at the same time and many other things. 

But hey, do you know shaving off all that hair you have on your chest is important too? The reason?

Well, it will let you show a lot more of your body, making all the heads turn, especially women. Now, you must be thinking, “How should I do that? What type of tool do I need?”

Well, for that choose the trimmer from Menhood. But, wait, isn’t it a trimmer for the balls?

Yeah, Menhood not only produces a trimmer for balls but for the whole body. It will surely provide you positive results when it comes to trimming off all that hair you have in your chest. This whole-body trimmer is of top quality, and it will not just be used for shaving off all the pubes located near your gems. 

Check out the trimmer which was featured in GQ India for being the best whole-body trimmer.

Things To Know About The Ball Trimming Tool

This tool is a ball trimmer but just like it does magic between the legs, it will also do its magic for the chest hair with no hassle.

Ultimately, you will have a problem-free and smooth chest shaving experience. How cool is that?

This trimmer for men private parts is pretty different from the trimmers available in the market. The ball trimmer has a skin protection technology that will prevent your skin from getting scratched or causing it to bleed. 

The blades of this trimmer for men’s private parts from Menhood are made from ceramic, and you can easily replace them with brand-new ones. Since it’s created for the men’s most-sensitive area, the ball trimmer will not cause any type of discomfort or irritation while you use it. The cool thing about this trimmer for men’s private parts is that it comes with two guide combs.

The guide combs of this ball trimmer will allow you to trim off the chest hair to your desired length. Otherwise, if you want to be completely clean, the best body groomer for men’s private parts can also deliver that for you. 

Shaving The Chest Hair: Background Information

Before we dive in a lot more about this trimmer, let’s get some quick information about chest hair, shall we?

Men having hair chests was one of the hottest things back in the 1970s, and it made them appear a lot more manly and gave out the “i-am-the-dominant-one” vibe. 

But when the 90s came in, the hairy chest disappeared completely as a shaved or clean chest became a lot popular. 

Well, you can say it was all about the “New Era, New Things” type of thing. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why 46% of men tend to shave off their chest hair. But hygienically speaking, removing chest hair can keep you clean and prevent redness and irritation from occurring. 

How To Shave Off The Chest Hair?

To be honest, when you get rid of all that forest that piled up on your chest will make you feel free and alive again. 

You can use the best body groomer for men’s private parts to shave the chest hair to get started. Even if it’s a ball trimmer and it’s used to keep your precious stone clean, it’s completely safe to use this best body groomer for men’s private parts to remove your chest hair. 

Now, you are pretty curious how it’s done, are you not? So, let’s dig in!

Step 1: Prep The Chest 

Right before you start using the ball trimmer to shave your chest, you should prep them first. This means you should take a shower quickly, dry off the hair, and then comb it to use all the knots. 

Step 2: Plan Your Appearance 

Now, you have to decide how to shave off your chest hair. Firstly, set up your boundaries, which are:

  • Decide where you want to keep the hair and where you don’t.
  • Opt for symmetry if you don’t want the avant-garde art on your chest.

But hey, don’t think of rushing over this particular step as it will help you plan the type of chest hair you need and your look. 

Yeah, you are completely free to play around with the best trimmer for balls and get to change the look of your chest hair whenever you want. 

But when you are using the best trimmer for balls, it’s a good idea for you to have a blueprint of what you aim for right from the start.

Step 3: Trim The Chest Before Shaving

Using the ball trimmer or the best trimmer for balls will not cause any problem when you eliminate the chest hair. 

Do you know what this means? Well, it means you can use the trimmer to receive a consistent look just by doing an all-over trim.

You can easily bring down the chest hair to the length you are satisfied with. To get started, shave closely at the out-of-bounds places and then go against hair growth direction and work your way inside.

 If you have decided to keep some chest hair, you have to leave a border of mid-length between the clean-shaven and the place with hair, and this will provide you with a natural and gradient appearance.

Parting Thoughts

Shaving all that chest hair has become easy.

This is all thanks to the ball trimmer from Menhood. Although the trimmer is designed to trim off hair from a different area of your body, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it to shave off your chest hair. The trimmer is created with high-quality materials and has some unique features, which will make your chest hair shaving smooth and easy.


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