Menhood Razor – The Sword

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The old traditional shaving razor specially weighted and ergonomically designed to assist in giving you the smoothest, safest shave possible.

  • For Face Use Only
  • Maximum Single Blade Performance
  • Single Blade Razor Reduces Cutting Angle
  • Traditional Single Blade Razor
  • Package Includes – Shaving Razor, Stand & Blades ( Set of 5 )
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The Sword

box and sword


  • Traditional shaving razor with luxurious display case packaging.


  • Next-generation single blade double-edged safety razor.
  • Made from high-class stainless steel material.
SWORD 5 (1)


  • Razor burn reducing cutting angle
  • Rust resistant


Let the Menhood™ Razor Sword precision-weighted handle do the work for you. There’s no need to apply extra pressure to get that clean, skin-close shave you’ve always dreamed of. Simply let the blade glide smoothly over the curves of your face, using one long stroke at a time. Think of it this way: less cutting strokes can equal less skin irritation.

Each single blade has two sides, so carefully flip it over to start shaving fresh with a new, ultra-sharp cutting edge. The razor for men single blade was designed to reduce painful ingrown hairs and uncomfortable razor burn, unlike cheap, plastic disposables.

Pro Tip

Slow and steady win the race with Menhood™ Razor Sword

You have questions. We have answers

It is made from high quality stainless steel.

Yes it has dual sides you can use it from both sides.

Use it gently on skin, Do not put so much pressure.

You can use any brand double edge safety razor blades.

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