Menhood Back Shaver
Menhood Back Shaver
Menhood Back Shaver
Menhood Back Shaver
Menhood Back Shaver
Menhood Back Shaver
Menhood Back Shaver
Menhood Back Shaver

Menhood™ Back Shaver

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A smart back and chest shaver. Now remove unwanted hair from your chest and back in minutes
  • Detachable Housing.
  • Menhood™ Back Shaver offers Smart Sense Technology.
  • Allow for a Smooth Shave With or Without Water.
  • Removable Blade Cartridges.
  • The process is Really Quick, Easy, Pain-Free, and Affordable.
  • Best Back Razor Clean Unwanted Body Hair.
  • Made in PRC


Trusted By Over 1 Million Men Worldwide


Shave Your
Own Back

The Menhood Back Shaver gives you the power to shave your own back – quickly, easily and without losing reach. With a unique neoprene scrubbing sleeve, you’re sure to get a close, comfortable shave every time.

Skin Protection

The safety blade cartridges in the Menhood back shaver are designed with your skin in mind. The blades are positioned at a 45-degree angle to protect your skin while you shave.

Perfect for
Wet & Dry Body

Whether dry or wet body, you can use the Menhood backshaver in the shower or out. Its smart sensor technology will automatically adjust the speed and power of the blade depending on whether it is used on wet or dry skin.

Shave Multiple

Other than your back area, Menhood backshaver is set to reach the areas where your arms can not. The multitasker can help you shave your shoulder, legs and other areas that regular shavers can not.


The blades of the Menhood back shaver are made from hardened steel that is both sharp and durable. They can easily be replaced, ensuring that you always have a comfortable shave.


The easy-to-use backshaver is designed keeping in mind the flexibility and comfort of the user. It is compact and foldable, making it easy to carry around.

Menhood Back shaver Results

Shaving your back hair is an effective solution to maintain your hygiene. All you need is the Menhood Back shaver for the easy peasy hair-free back. The results you get after using it will amaze you.

An Easy, Clean, Pleasant Feeling


Cleaning Brush

Keep your blades clean


Fold to half the size for easy storing. A shower mount will also be included

Halfway Collapsing

Access hard-to-reach areas like shoulders

Easy Grip Handle

Perfect for Shower

Your questions. Our expertise

Is it safe for my skin?
Yes, get rid of your unwanted hairs quickly and safely! No need to worry about cuts or injuries, just let The Back Shaver do its job with no hassle.
How can I remove hair from my back?
With the Menhood Back Shaver, you can give yourself a close and comfortable shave without risking any awkward contortions. The unique neoprene scrubbing sleeve ensures that your back is properly groomed with minimal effort – all from the comfort of home!
Will I feel any pain while using it?
No, you are not going to get pain in comparison to wax and other costlier chemical treatment that you take on your delicate skin.
Should I shave wet or dry?
This Back Shaver offers you the ultimate shaving experience, no matter if it’s a wet shave or dry. Enjoy smoother skin with every use!
Do I need to pre-trim my hair before using Back Shaver?
No need to waste time pre-trimming! The shaver works amazingly on long hair, so you can spend less time getting ready and more time doing what really matters.
How often should I replace the blades?
For optimal hygiene, we strongly encourage you to switch out your back shaver’s blade every 5-7 uses – give yourself the cleanest and closest shave possible!

Save More with Packages

Menhood™ Maintenance Package

"The Maintenance Your Package Needs"

Package Included:-
- Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel (₹499) 
- Menhood™ Replacement Blade (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Grooming Trimmer (₹3199 - ₹3699)

Menhood™ Down There Package

"Grooming For Down There"

Package Included:-
- Menhood™ The Baller (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Ball Shower (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel (₹499) 
- Menhood™ Ball Preserver (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Travel Bag (₹999)
- Menhood™ The Ball Towel - Pack of 2 (₹499)
- Menhood™ Grooming Trimmer (₹3199 - ₹3699)

Menhood™ Ballacious Package

"Everthing You Need"

Package Included:- 
- Menhood™ The Baller (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Walker (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Nosar (₹1499) 
- Menhood™ Ball Shower (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel (₹499) 
- Menhood™ Ball Preserver (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Travel Bag (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Scoob - Set of 2 (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Replacement Blade 2.0 (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Ball Towel - Pack of 2 (₹499) 
- Menhood™ Man-Cure Kit - 12 Pieces (₹1499) 
- Menhood™ Grooming Trimmer (₹3199 - ₹3699)
Free Gifts 
- Menhood™ Perfume (₹ 1999) 
- Menhood™ Boxer Brief (₹599)