Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel
Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel
Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel
Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel
Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel
Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel
Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel

Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel


The pre-trim gel is a great way to get your skin ready for trimming.

By applying Pre Trim Gel, you can loosen those stubborn hairs from their roots for an ultra-smooth trim! It will reduce the appearance of redness and razor bumps, also mulberry present in the gel will help you take out all the impurities from the skin and gives a clear complexion.

  • Net Quantity: 200 ML
  • Infused Natural Ingredients
  • Gel prepares men’s skin for a gentle trimming
  • Removes all the dirt & bacteria from the skin
  • Can be used on the chest, legs, and below the waist
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Mulberry reduces the rashes or irritation on the skin during trimming
  • Made in India

Loved & Trusted by Many Celebrities


Be a
Groin Gleam

No one likes an unkempt crotch. It’s smelly, it’s sweaty, and it’s just plain gross. The Pre-Trim Gel is a perfect solution to scrub the dirt and grime before shaving.

Smooth and
Clear Skin

Pre-trim gel is a great way to get a smooth and clear complexion before you shave. It’s easy to apply and helps to reduce the appearance of redness and razor bumps. Plus, it’s fragrance-free, so it won’t irritate your skin.


Designed to purify and refresh, this unique blend of effective science meets indulgent simplicity. It Reaches deep into pores, removing impurities and excess oils. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it not only cleanses but promotes a balanced.

Power of
Natural Ingredients

Embrace the transformative experience with Menhood™ pre-trim gel, infused with the vitality of mulberry, works harmoniously to cleanse, purify, and revitalize your skin.


The pre-trim gel preps the skin for a smooth shave. It has a non-greasy formulation that allows the razor to glide smoothly on the skin.


Pre-trim gel can be used on multiple-areas like the chest, back, legs, and below the belt for a great trim.

Protective and

Menhood™ Pre-trim gel is categorized as a protective gel that helps shield the skin from nicks and cuts. It is also cruelty-free and safe for all skin types.


Better The Wash, Better The Trim

Your questions. Our expertise

What is this Pre Trim Gel?
Get a smoother trim than ever with the Pre-Trim Gel! This product will help you prepare your skin so that you can avoid any frustrating hassle while grooming. Achieve an easy and effortless shave like never before!
Why should I use it?
Get the best trim down there with pre-trim gel. This unique product cleans, hydrates and prepares your skin before you start snipping away – ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience during grooming sessions!
How can I use it?
For smooth and clean balls, simply combine a few drops of pre-trim gel in your palm. Gently rub it on your skin until all area is covered, then wash off and pat dry using an absorbent Menhood ball towel or any other suitable cloth.
Where can I use it?
The Pre trim gel is the perfect solution for effortlessly keeping your grooming in check – from chest to groin and armpit hair, it’s a must-have product for smooth maintenance.
What's so special about Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel?
Get the perfect shave with everytime with The Pre trim gel! Our unique formula stays put through multiple razor passes, and has a nice thick consistency to provide great cushioning and protection to your sensitive skin. Glide effortlessly every time for an effortless shaving experience
Is it made with Natural Ingredients?
Menhood’s pre-trim gel is made with only natural ingredients like coconut oil, tea tree oil, vitamin e, providing you the confidence that your grooming routine stays as pure and safe as possible.
Is it safe for my skin?
Don’t worry, The Pre Trim Gel, made with a blend of natural ingredients, and is suitable for all skin types and can help keep your skin healthy and hydrated

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Menhood™ Maintenance Package

"The Maintenance Your Package Needs"

Package Included:-
- Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel (₹499) 
- Menhood™ Replacement Blade (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Grooming Trimmer (₹3199 - ₹3699)

Menhood™ Down There Package

"Grooming For Down There"

Package Included:-
- Menhood™ The Baller (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Ball Shower (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel (₹499) 
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Menhood™ Ballacious Package

"Everything You Need"

Package Included:- 
- Menhood™ The Baller (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Walker (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Nosar (₹1499) 
- Menhood™ Ball Shower (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Pre Trim Gel (₹499) 
- Menhood™ Ball Preserver (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Travel Bag (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Scoob - Set of 2 (₹999) 
- Menhood™ Replacement Blade 2.0 (₹999) 
- Menhood™ The Ball Towel - Pack of 2 (₹499) 
- Menhood™ Man-Cure Kit - 12 Pieces (₹1499) 
- Menhood™ Grooming Trimmer (₹3199 - ₹3699)
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- Menhood™ Perfume (₹ 1999) 
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