Pubic Hair Styles – 10 Tried and True Pubic Hairstyles for Men

We frequently shave our facial hair into various styles to express ourselves, but what about your pubic hair?

Your pubic style reveals a lot about your personality. You’re not alone if you’re considering slimming it down with a ball trimmer. Manscaping has grown in popularity in recent years, and it isn’t just about buying the best body groomers for men’s private parts. There are a variety of styles to select from when it comes to finding an intimate haircut that suits you.

Here, we have explained a few styles that’s surely going to impress you!


Allow your pubic hair to rule if you prefer a natural, typically masculine look. Reduce the length of your hair to a short length with a trimmer for men’s private parts so that you have full coverage but shorter hairs. This is a wonderful alternative if you don’t want to shave completely but still want to maintain your hair to a minimum. Just make sure you maintain it with frequent use of your ball trimmer, so it doesn’t become out of hand.


All hair above your penis should be shaved with a trimmer for men’s private parts, but the hair on your balls and the base of your penis should be left alone. This will save you time using a ball trimmer around your ball’s delicate skin.

This pubic haircut is simple to put together and requires minimal care, especially with the best trimmer for balls

Always lather up with shaving gel and shave with the grain, which is the direction that your pubic hair grows, when making a clean shave around the pubic hair that you’re preserving with the best body groomers for men’s private parts. This will lessen the likelihood of razor bumps, which are ugly and irritating.


The arrow pubic hairstyle is self-explanatory. Before you fire up the ball trimmer, use an eyeliner pencil to outline around the area you wish to shave to make an accurate arrow form. 

You can make it your own by adding any designs your hair growth and trimmer for men’s private parts allows, but if you want to make a statement, make sure you’re well-trimmed all over for the kind of eye-catching definition you want.

Landing Strip

The runway or landing strip is the feminine equivalent of this personal hairdo, just a trimmed strip of pubic hair that points towards your penis.

Hair above your pubic area should be shaved with a ball trimmer, not around your penis. Then, slightly above your penis, clip your ball hair to create a horizontal landing strip.


To make the shape easier to see, you’ll need first to clip all of your hairs short with the best trimmer for balls. However, once you’ve done that, go creative with a ball trimmer till you’ve fashioned it to your liking. If you want a distinctive look, shaving your pubic hair into a geometric shape like a square, triangle, or even a circle might be a fun way to arrange your hair down there.

For a fun touch, you could shave an initial, such as the first letter of your partner’s name, if you’re feeling especially creative.

The Unbothered

The light and airy style focuses on cutting the hairs to let the bush’s innate magic shine through. Depending on the length of your pubes, you might be able to get away with merely using scissors to maintain a groomed but not razor-ed appearance. Finish the edges with a trimmer for men’s private parts for a polished but natural appearance.

5 ‘o’Clock

A slight amount of shadow down there keeps everything appearing tidy while also adding a little intrigue. This is one of the greatest manscaping styles to have on hand, whether you decide on a stubby cut or maintain it slightly longer but softer. Set your ball trimmer‘s length guard and go with whatever floats your boat.


Essentially, it’s a man’s version of the bikini look. Shave off any hair that protrudes from your underpants with a ball trimmer. It’s ideal for a quick remedy. It’s never been easier to maintain pubes.

Lion’s Mane

The ideal pick for the wild beast within you! Use the ball trimmer on your balls and the base of your penis, but anything above the penis should be left alone. This can give the appearance of a larger member.

The Hollywood

Hollywood, often known as the Brazilian, has become one of the most popular personal haircuts in recent years due to the rise in the popularity and quality of the best body groomers for men’s private parts. The clean-shaven appearance comes and goes in style, but one thing remains constant: it’s a hassle-free alternative that’s said to enhance the size of certain features.


Depending on how much upkeep and grooming you want to undertake, you can discover a style you prefer with the best trimmer for balls. If you’re going to try any of these looks, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use sharp-edged items like scissors in this area. It’s not worth jeopardizing your vital organs for a new hairstyle, and an electrical ball trimmer meant for body hair will suffice.

And, how do you get the best and safest trim possible? That’s where we come in to help you out.

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