How Much Body Hair Is Too Much Body Hair?

Humans evolved from Neanderthals to make it simple, and we might be a distant cousin of the Apes. Now, we as a species have body hair in many places, places we may not want to publicize, if you know what we mean. To dive deeper into the topic at hand, one needs to understand body hair and hair at what places constitute hair.

However, to cut it short, if you think you have excessive hair, using Menhood trimmer can also help. It is gentle, flexible and highly safe for anyone’s use.

Body Hair

Body Hair or Androgenic hair is the terminal hair that grows on the human body after a child undergoes puberty. Other than the hair that grows on your head, clearly visible, all hair comes under the phrase  hair. It grows on almost all human body parts where exceptions include the Lips, the back of the ears, the palm, the sole of the feet, or scar tissue.

The density of hair depends on the number of hair follicles present per unit skin area. If the hair growth is excessive, you can always use a Menhood trimmerMen have more abundant and coarser hair on the arms and back. However, women have a lesser visible change in the hair growth in the same areas but might have the thickness of the hair change.


Body hair grows on the chest and abdomen, arms, feet, legs, pubes, underarms, and, lastly, face. It can be challenging to judge what counts as excessive hair as the amount of hair varies from person to person depending on the genes and hormones of the body. Now, we know when it’s too much body hair.

The person understands because the body feels slightly warmer due to an under-layer of insulation; it provides little protection against the sun. It has its disadvantages, and it locks odours. Too much hair and sweat are a nasty combination that can lead to many problems, pimples being the least of those problems.

Lastly, the common idea of it not being sanitary is a problem. This is why trimming them with a Menhood Trimmer, explicitly designed for this purpose, is the best choice for your health.

Too Much Body Hair

Coming to the scientific part of it, too much body hair is called Hirsutism. Also, it can occur due to a variety of medical conditions. So, researchers have found a scale, the Ferriman-Gallwey scale, which assigns a score based upon how much hair the body has and on how many areas.

According to the scale, sparse and average growth is sometimes necessary but a score more excellent than 7 indicates excessive growth. So, use a Menhood trimmer if this number exceeds for yourself. 

Ways To Remove Body Hair


The person can decide to keep the hair or cosmetically remove it. Shaving, Plucking, Depilatory Creams, Hot waxing, Threading, Laser Hair Removal, and so many more ways are available for such removal. Shaving, Hot waxing, or threading could be considered more of a grooming procedure where there are many places where these methods can’t be used.

Men’s private parts or Women’s private parts are places with sensitive skin. So, using the hard razors there can result in unwanted complications and skin tearing. As such, it would only hurt 1,000 times more in those areas. So, you can try the Menhood Trimmers for safety and convenience. 

Make sure that if you wish to go down towards the ball area, you can use the ball hair trimmer. 


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